Next Ventures

Welcome to Ravensburger Next Ventures – our dedicated investment program to work with start-ups, founders and innovators.

We seek to work with founders and teams who are creating exciting and innovative new experiences to support playful development and to further our mission: Encourage discovery of what really matters.

How do we work?

We see ourselves as a “business building investor” bringing to work a combination of venture-capital-style investment and relevant operational support and cooperation. This means we invest more than money and seek to create a concrete operational connection from the outset that leverages our network, know-how and resources to the benefit of the new venture. It also means that we only invest in spaces where we have relevant expertise and can contribute something of value. The basis is always a strong conviction in a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

Where do we invest?

  • Products and services in areas that we love and understand: toys, games, children’s and youth books, family edutainment and early childhood education, as well as closely related services and content.
  • Physical, digital and hybrid products and business models.
  • Mainly in Europe and North America but open to selectively consider other locations if there is a really good fit.
  • Typically in pre-seed, seed or Series-A investment stages.

Getting in touch with us:

Our Next Ventures program is led by an experienced team of Ravensburger executives with many years of experience in venture investments, product development and innovation management. To learn more about our team and how we can work together, please reach out to us:

[email protected]