The foundation “Stiftung Ravensburger Verlag”

The foundation, Stiftung Ravensburger Verlag, was established in 2000 by the Ravensburger Group and its shareholders. A non-profit organisation, the foundation’s objectives and projects are based on the goals and focus areas of Ravensburger: families, children and education. The foundation develops studies and educational projects in collaboration with partners approaching topics from a research- and science-based perspective, as well as those in hands-on practice, such as kindergartens, for example. Their results and findings are intended to support parents and educators and, if possible, to provide best-practice guidance. Through this work, the foundation aims to create an opportunity for debate around issues of importance to society and to provide an informed input to the family and education policies of state and federal governments in Germany.

Current Projects

Themes of current and past activities by the foundation, Stiftung Ravensburger Verlag, include examining early language development, exploration of digital media usage among children and young people, and the promotion of creative skills such as art and handcrafts. Research teams look at children’s well-being from a parental perspective, the positive impact of grandparents’ involvement in their grandchildren’s care and the experience of children as they head towards adolescence. Aspects of religion and culture in childhood have been examined, while researchers have also sought to understand and cast a spotlight on the world of young refugees.
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