The Ravensburger Group - A Growing Family

The acquisitions of the Swedish toy manufacturer BRIO, the US toy manufacturer Thinkfun® as well as the strategic investment in the US game start-up Wonder Forge transform the Ravensburger Group into a flourishing, international family of companies, a “growing family”. In addition to the traditional brand Ravensburger, the family includes the brands Carlit, F.X. Schmid and Alga. Strategic management for the Group is conducted from their headquarters in Ravensburg, Germany.

As is the case in every family, each new member changes the face and the dynamics of the Group. Individual identities and new facets are added, which lead to growth and diversity. In conjunction with this, common values are deemed an obligatory guiding principle: with meaningful products that contribute to the playful development of the customers.

Ravensburger AG

Ravensburger AG is an international group with a long tradition and solid values. Its mission is "Playful Development". The company’s most important brand mark is the blue triangle, which stands for fun, education, and togetherness. Ravensburger is one of the leading brands for puzzles, games, and activity products in Europe as well as for children’s and youth books in the German-speaking region. Toys with the blue triangle are sold worldwide, and the international brands BRIO and ThinkFun supplement the Group’s portfolio. Ravensburger had 2,304 employees and achieved net revenue of EUR 632 million in 2020.*


Headquartered in Malmö/Sweden, BRIO joined the Ravensburger Group in 2015.

This acquisition brought two family enterprises together, which share a similar entrepreneurial and product philosophy and have long-standing traditions.

The Swedish toy manufacturer specializes in the production of wood toys. Since its founding, the company follows the vision “Inspiring young minds” – with a clear and simple design the only limit for children is their own fantasy.

“Trust and Joy” are the core values of the BRIO brand. “Trust” stands for quality, safety, responsibility and teaching. “Trusted by parents, loved by children” is one of the key statements in the BRIO brand book. This statement also contains the second core value of the brand: BRIO wants to make children happy – using playful elements to put a smile on their faces.
BRIO was founded in 1884, with core markets in Germany, France, the USA and China.


BRIO acquired Alga in 1983 and consequently both companies are part of the Ravensburger Group since 2015.

The Swedish game publisher Alga was founded 1917 in Stockholm. The company celebrated its greatest successes with “Cops and Robbers”, which continues to enjoy popularity in its more than 70-year history.

The company is a leader in game development. Alga's product range includes family games along with children's games and puzzles. Alga has produced more than 700 games to date, whereby the focus is consistently placed on product quality.
alga Logo
F.X. Schmid Logo

F.X. Schmid

F.X. Schmid became part of the Ravensburger Group in 1996.

The F.X. Schmid brand is currently applied in Ravensburger's children's books and playing card segments.

The company was founded in 1860 in Munich.
F.X. Schmid Logo

Wonder Forge

Wonder Forge, with headquarters located in Seattle, USA, joined the Ravensburger Group in 2013.

Wonder Forge designs classical board games for children and families. The products are positioned for “dynamic and thoughtful play” and are meticulously produced. Founded in 2007, the brand has achieved relevant market positioning. Among the manufacturers of pre-school and children's games, for example, Wonder Forge took third place in 2015.

Wonder Forge offers premium quality products, the core market of Wonder Forge is the American mass market.


The Carlit + Ravensburger AG, with headquarters in Würenlos, Switzerland, has been part of the Ravensburger Group since 1970.

Carlit is probably the most well-known Swiss game publisher of traditional games in the Swiss market. The company was founded 1939 in Zurich.

In the initial years they introduced many classical games to the market that are still popular today, including “Leiterlispiel”, “Eile mit Weile”, “Halma” und “Schwarzer Peter”. Modern classics include “Schweizer Reise”, Game Collections and “Schweizer Kinderpost”.

In addition to Carlit and Ravensburger games, BRIO wooden train sets and Siku model airplanes are sold in Switzerland by Carlit + Ravensburger AG.


Thinkfun® (Alexandria, Virginia) joined the Ravensburger Group in 2017 as the newest company under the recently established Ravensburger North America division. ThinkFun® is the leading developer of logic and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) games in the U.S. market. Its unique brand and games fit perfectly with the Ravensburger mission of promoting playful development.
* All figures quoted are as of 01/2021