The Ravensburger Donation Concept

For many years, the Ravensburger Group has provided support in a variety of ways to children, families and educational institutions in need, especially in Germany. An important criterion for Ravensburger in selecting partners and projects, is the transparent use of donations. Find out for yourself about the valuable work of the organizations and projects. In 2020, the Ravensburger Group donated a significant amount in all the countries where we have locations.


Examples of supported projects


Ukraine - this is how Ravensburger donations help

Ukrainian children, families and elderly people have been fleeing for months. Our company has always stood for social values, which is why we help with our own activities and have donated extensively to several large children's aid organizations:

Our employees covered 76,067 kilometers in 40 days in an internal company charity run. With the donation, Ravensburger supports the UNICEF emergency aid in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including "Blue Dot" drop-in centers for families on the run, as well as educational and integration projects in kindergartens and schools. Ravensburger also donated in particular to the SOS-Children's Village Family Center in Berlin-Hellersdorf, which is currently an important contact point for Ukrainian refugees. We also donated to "Die Arche" Kinderstiftung in Berlin, which provides refugees with food, hygiene articles, and clothing. Children and young people are also being cared for in projects such as "Classroom for Ukraine" or in the "Ukraine Youth Club".

We hope that this will provide a ray of hope in dark times.

Ravensburger helps Ukrainian children and families

We are deeply saddened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the terrible humane suffering in this war, which we condemn in the strongest terms.
As a company that stands for values such as education and togetherness, we are supporting children and families from Ukraine with a package of measures:
Firstly, we wish to help as directly as possible, whereby at our Czech production plant in Policka refugee relatives of our Ukrainian employees are being provided with accommodation, childcare, job offers and donations in kind.
Our Polish sales company is also helping in Poland with donations of money and goods for the daily needs of around 900 refugees.
We gave away 2,000 free tickets to the Ravensburger Spieleland for Ukrainian families.
Furthermore, we offer housing for around 60 refugees to the local communities on our company premises in Germany. Here, employees are volunteering to provide assistance. Additionally, we will donate financial resources and language-neutral game packages to aid organisations that care for children and families during and after their escape from Ukraine. Last, but not least, our employees are raising money by jogging and collecting miles for a Ravensburger monetary donation to the children's relief organisation UNICEF. They also offer further private support for humanitarian aid as they choose to do so.

Ravensburger AG helps flood victims in Germany with donations worth 200.000 Euros

Ravensburger AG is supporting those affected by the flood disaster in Rheinland-Pfalz and Nordrhein-Westfalen with a donation worth a total of 200.000 Euros. This includes goods vouchers for affected educational institutions and families as well as reconstruction aid for damaged local book and toy retailers.
To ensure that the aid is used as directly as possible, Ravensburger works together with local crisis teams, social services and welfare organisations that know the needs on site. For example, families, daycare centers, kindergardens and schools that were hit hard by the floods are supported with vouchers for the replacement of games, puzzles or books.
Likewise, Ravensburger sales staff are in close contact with the affected local retailers in the flooded areas and help with re-start packages consisting of Ravensburger product ranges and start-up aids for reopening.

Ravensburger supports the educational initiative “Let us Learn” from UNICEF

Education gives girls and boys around the world hope for a better life. But many of them never get an opportunity to go to school. They live in poverty and in remote regions. They are victims of discrimination and wars. Girls suffer more frequently under the effects. That’s why the Ravensburger Group dedicates itself by donating to the educational initiative “Let us Learn” from UNICEF. This helps disadvantaged children in the countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Madagascar and Nepal.
Projekt Let us Learn von UNICEF
©UNICEF - Picture by Ralaivita
Deutsche KinderhospizSTIFTUNG

In Germany, Ravensburger is engaged in the work of children's hospices

In Germany, Ravensburger supports charity organizations that help families with seriously ill children, as the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz. Here, Ravensburger’s donation helps to finance the helpline and online counseling service named OSKAR. It offers families with terminally ill children need-based services. In 2020, Ravensburger also donated to the Deutsche KinderhospizSTIFTUNG (German Children's Hospice Foundation), that represents more than 170 children's hospice facilities. The foundation promotes the establishment of outpatient children's and youth hospice services in Germany, which provide support to families close to home. In addition, the children's hospice St. Nikolaus (Bavaria) as well as the organizations SOS Kinderdorf e.V. and Arche Children’s Foundation were supported with donations.
Deutsche KinderhospizSTIFTUNG
©Deutsche KinderhospizSTIFTUNG - Picture by: B.Ganschow

Austria: Support for the needs of residential groups in the SOS Kinderdorf Hinterbrühl

In Austria, Ravensburger supports the work of the organization SOS Kinderdorf. With "Rat auf Draht" , the SOS Kinderdorf operates a free national helpline for children and adolescents that is available 24/7. As part of a sponsorship for the SOS Kinderdorf in Hinterbrühl, Ravensburger also subsidizes the support needs of three residential groups on site that require intensive and therapy-supported assistance.
Organisation SOS Kinderdorf Österreich
©Picture by Klemens Koenig
Stiftung Theodora

Swiss “Dream Doctors” help you forget illness and worries

In Switzerland, Ravensburger has donated to the Theodora Foundation. Every week the Theodora Dream Doctors visit children in hospitals and specialized institutions to brighten their day with moments of joy and laughter. A hospital stay is often difficult for a child. Something serious is going on in an unfamiliar environment, children lose contact with their family and friends. This is where the Dream Doctors do their magic. During the cheerful, fun-filled game, the young patients can escape from the daily hospital routine and find their way back to a colorful world of fantasy and laughter. Every year, the Dream Doctors give thousands of children unforgettable moments.
Stiftung Theodora
©Massot-StiftungTheodora - Picture by Pierre-Yves

Japan – a focus on mother and child

In Japan, Ravensburger has made a donation to the childcare center “Shonan House”, a 24-hour childcare facility of the charity organization “Shonan Gakuen”. “Shonan Gakuen” was founded more than 100 years ago and operates a multigenerational house and inclusion project, which brings people from different backgrounds together. In addition, the organization “Tokyo Toy Museum” also receives donations from the Ravensburger product range. The games are distributed to institutions for children with disabilities, hospitals and foster care facilities across the country. The Ravensburger Group has also made a donation to the charity organization “Florence”. Its activities include care for children with special needs, the protection of newborns and support services for parents and their sick children.
Wohltätigkeitsorganisation Florence Japan
©Florence - Non Profit Organization
National Pediatric Cancer Foundation Logo

Support for the work of the National Cancer Foundation in North America

In the USA, Ravensburger supports the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF). The NPCF cooperates with more than 30 hospitals and research facilities for cancer treatments. The donation benefits one of the biggest research studies on pediatric brain cancer. Ravensburger North America also supports partner hospitals and NPCF events in 2021 with donations from their own range of products.
National Pediatric Cancer Foundation Logo
©National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

France: Support for children and parents in the fight against cancer

Gustave Roussy is Europe's leading center in the fight against cancer. At the same time, it is a care, research and teaching facility that supports patients suffering from all types of cancer. Ravensburger has donated to the pediatric and adolescent cancer care unit of the hospital associated with the Gustave Roussy Foundation – to support activities that improve the patients’ quality of life. Part of Ravensburger’s donation will be used to renovate the hospital’s unit for adolescents and young adults to provide an communal space to the residents.
Foundation Gustave Rouissy in Frankreich
©Gustave Rouissy Foundation
Stiftung Ellas Hjältar in Schweden

In Sweden, Ravensburger makes dreams come true for critically ill children

Meet and greet sport stars or spend a day with ponies – every year, “Min stora dag” helps make the greatest wishes of around 5,000 critically ill children and adolescents come true and, as a result, to forget their worries and fears. Making dreams come true or simply celebrating a birthday party.

The foundation “Ellas Hjältar” also fulfils children one wish – and thereby supports families who are suffering under an illness or other trauma.

Stiftung Ellas Hjältar in Schweden
©Min Stora Dag

Czech Republic: Ravensburger supports children living in foster care facilities and enables adventure trips.

The Tereza Maxová Foundation has set itself the goal of making it possible for every child to lead a healthy and safe life, particularly those children who are financially disadvantaged. The focus is on providing an education and essential skills for living an independent life in the future. Ravensburger financially supports the project “ENTERING THE INDEPENDENT LIFE” of the Tereza Maxová Foundation with its donation. It supports young people, who will soon be discharged from institutional care, with funding and thereby simplifies their successful start in a daily routine with steady employment.
Tereza Maxová Stiftung in Tschechien
©Tereza Maxová Foundation
At the Polička production plant location, Ravensburger also supports a local charity organization, which organizes around 40 adventure trips each year for children and adolescents from socially disadvantaged families. Ravensburger also supports a self-help and education group for parents of children with autism in Polička. The project is planned for a period of one year. In addition, Ravensburger Polička is financing the partial modernization of a large playground for all of the city’s children.

Italy: intensive care beds and care for sick children / support for groundbreaking pediatric research

In Italy, Ravensburger has donated to several charity organizations, including the intensive care ward of the children’s hospital in Milan, “Vittore Buzzi”. During the COVID-19 outbreak, money donations were used to set up intensive care beds here along with financial support and intensive care equipment for other regional hospitals.
Abbraccia La Ricerca (English: Embrace Research): under this motto, the Italian foundation “Bambino Gesù” started a donation campaign, which collects funds to research the potential effects of a Corona virus infection in newborns and children. Ravensburger also supports this project with a donation as well as the Italian “Meyer Foundation”, which campaigns for exchange on pediatric research, care and support.
©Andrey Popov –
Ravensburger has also provided funding for the foundation “Sacra Famiglia”, which accommodates and provides care for children with physical challenges, behavioral disorders or autism in a special ward.
Stiftung Sacra Famiglia
©Sacra Famiglia Foundation

Great Britain: Ravensburger secures the valuable work of the hospice “Helen & Douglas House”.

In Great Britain, Ravensburger is actively engaged in a continuing partnership with the hospice “Helen & Douglas House”. The hospice offers terminally ill children and their families in the Oxfordshire region individual guidance and care in the facility as well as at home. Thanks to the donation of the Ravensburger Group, it was possible for the Helen & Douglas House to financially secure an important youth and transition worker for one year. Emma Jordan primarily mentors the facility’s youth, ages 13 to 19, as they transition into adult care through other health care providers. But it is also available to advise those who are about to enter adulthood on finding a place to live, as well as on issues related to education, careers, and in other matters.
©Helen Douglas House

Belgium and the Netherlands: Ravensburger sponsors Red Cross relief efforts to provide psychological and social support during the Corona pandemic

Home office, distance rather than classroom instruction for students, and only the occasional opportunity to enjoy going to movie theaters, restaurants, music venues, or recreational facilities. The psychological and social impact of the measures taken in many countries to contain the Corona pandemic is also being felt in Belgium and the Netherlands. That’s why Ravensburger supports the service “Urgent Social Intervention” of the Belgian Red Cross. It provides additional staff to the Corona pandemic hotline set up by the Belgian government. Every day, six Red Cross volunteers assisted in staffing the hotline to answer questions and provide comfort for those experiencing family concerns, stress, loneliness or uncertainty.
Hilfsangebot helpen helpt
©Belgische Rode Kruis/Croix - Rouge de Belgique
Rotes Kreuz Niederlande
Ravensburger also donated in the Netherlands to support a Red Cross hotline for those in need of a sympathetic ear, advice or assistance with regard to the Corona pandemic. In the Netherlands, young people also have free access to a coach if they are psychologically distressed by the effects of the Corona pandemic.
Rotes Kreuz Niederlande
©Red Cross The Netherlands - Picture by Arie Kieviet